Leadership & The Covid-19 Conundrum

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Your company culture is your brand! 

That’s why the people in your company are your most precious form of capital.  The thinking, behavior and communication of your leadership team sets the tone for the company culture.  The perceptions of your employees, regarding the styles, patterns and habits of that trinity will inform their level of engagement in your company's mission.  Company culture can be your best tool for employee retention, or it may be the leading cause of your attrition.  The massive landscape change caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has rippled fault lines in all companies and something is missing. 

Something is missing

Can you sense it?  Many companies had to rapidly deploy their workforce to home, due to Covid 19.  Admirably, for some companies, that transition was managed well. By now, this “new normal” has settled, but something is still missing.  


Sending the workforce home for most, was a survival move.   The logistics of getting computer equipment, cameras, internet and a suitable meeting platform naturally received the lion’s share of the focus.  What about the People?  Are they engaged?  Are they happy? Are they productive?  How do you know? 


New problems require new solutions. Kaizen 724 has teamed up with TTI SI as a Value Added Advisor and as such is exited to share an exciting solution to this problem.  The team at TTI SI created the Working from Home Report to help teams adjust to a new world of remote work back in March 2020, and the Engagement Report has been created to meet the new need as work changes. Hybrid teams are on the rise, many are returning to their offices, while other businesses are remaining remote. 


There are many questions to answer and challenges to face, and one thing is for sure; this global event has impacted everyone. Now more than ever it is important to start the ‘re-boarding’ process. While onboarding is the process of orienting new employees, have you ever heard of "re-boarding"? Re-boarding is the process of orienting your current team into this new landscape of work at home dynamics.  


Why Now? 

Lives are at stake! That isn't being dramatic, it is the truth. The life of your employees has been impacted greatly and if you and your leadership team are not acting quickly to bolster your employees' sense of security, you could be facing a substantial drop in productivity and an increase in employee turn over. The Engagement Report is your secret weapon to master the process, with improved introductions, action items, reflections and tips, and self-guided content. 


There are 3 things that need to be done: 


  1. Re-Board (a fresh on-boarding in the new normal) 


  1. Re-engage 


  1. Re-connect 




While teams are in the process of returning to their offices or navigating that decision, they need help adjusting. This report can be their blueprint to making those decisions. 

While onboarding is crucial for new employees, your current employees have undergone a collective traumatic experience. The last several months have changed them if they realize it or not, and they might need some assistance reintroducing themselves to each other. 


How Does the Engagement Report Help with Re-boarding? 

  • Establishes shared language for teams to interact
  • Refocuses teams when they might feel lost
  • Offers actionable tips and tricks for individuals and others



“Employee disengagement translates to a profit loss of 34% of the disengaged employee’s annual salary.” -Forbes 

Employee engagement is crucial for any workplace, now more than ever. While many teams have had to make difficult decisions in the last few months, that just means your team needs extra support to succeed now. With the tremendous amount of stress we are all under, focusing can be hard. Thriving can be harder. 

How Does the Engagement Report Help with Employee Engagement? 

  • Helps optimize roles based on the current needs of the organization and industry
  • Reveals motivators (Drivers) to help leadership effectively motivate individuals
  • Highlights strengths for future development and cross-training



If you didn’t know your employees well before Covid -19, the challenge to know them at a deeper level now, may seem overwhelming.  The good new is that it does not have to be that way!  There are tools you can leverage to show your employees that they matter, and that provide your leadership team with valuable insights into how to help them get more out of their work.  For more information on how to leverage these assessments and truly engage with your most precious type of capital, please email [email protected] and put ENGAGE in your subject line.  

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