Knowledge does Not equal Power

Feb 16, 2021

Sound bites, catch phrases, buzz words, and sayings, "oh my".

Advertisers and manipulators alike know that if something is repeated often enough to permeate the public psyche, it stands a good chance of being regarded as a truth.  They are convenient tools for adding implied credibility to a person's argument or message.  Not all are bad, and many have the ring of truth.  Some however go unchallenged and end up not providing the sage advice once intended.

"Knowledge is Power" is one of those oft repeated phrases that just doesn't ring true.  We live in the information or knowledge age.  The concept of an "educated fool" is not foreign.  If "Knowledge is Power" were true, every weight loss book, video or speech would cure obesity and every book on finance would create wealth for it's reader.

Physics teaches that all matter has what is known as "Rest Energy." That means in simple terms that all matter can be converted into energy, or "Power", if you like.  Think of firewood.  Just having a piece of firewood laying around doesn't roast your marshmallows.  You have to apply energy to the wood to start the combustion to release it's "rest energy" in the form of heat.  This principle holds true for knowledge.  We must apply some energy, in the form of acting on the knowledge, to release it's "rest energy".  How many of us already know what to do, to lose weight, quit smoking, improve our relationships and save money?  If we don't act on what we know, our so called knowledge is just a bump on a log and you won't get any S'mores from that!

Why we don't always take action is the topic for another day.  Meanwhile, S'mores anyone?

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